Saturday, July 2, 2011

You'll Think Of Me

This weekend was a slap in the face.

A hard pinch back to reality.

Sometimes the answers that I cannot find on my own I find through country music. Let me tell you...all I have been listening to lately is country music.

I was reading and I came across this quote, and I don't think it can be anymore accurate:

“A man can easily change his mind about a woman. He can very easily go from seeing a woman as “Relationship Material” to someone he’s just dating until the right one comes along.  But…"

I'm sure males are rolling their eyes at the very minute, or are thinking "typical girl statement" , but let's be real. Isn't it funny how the male usually works harder at first, and just stops? Isn't it funny how the girl normally could care less at first, and when she starts to care those feelings are not reciprocated back?

Yeah, shit sucks.

Not every female is an angel, but from personal experience and observation: this quote seems pretty spot on. 

The "rebound girlfriend." The "emotional placeholder." 

That "girlfriend" figure after a serious relationship who a guy uses to regain his emotional stability. I'm not talking about one night rebound hookups either.

You know, I'd rather a guy just use me for one night, rather than him string me along for years at a time. As females, why do we give guys the benefits of having a girlfriend, but without the title? [ for example: scratching their back every night to put them to sleep, make them their favorite desserts/buy them food even though they can't get fast food for you, write their papers, listening to their vents, and giving them what they want physically even though deep down you know they would hook up with other girls and not feel bad about it...]

Why am I writing about this now you may wonder?

Everyone has someone that I hangout has gotten to the point where its beginning to effect my self esteem. 

Maybe not "everyone" has someone, but the majority of my friends do. My friend Ellen, who understands where I am coming from, had a healthy discussion about it with me this weekend. I may be "dating" someone, but in the end I am still "single" and it hurts I'm not going to lie. Why do I allow myself to get involved with people who are not ready yet for another serious commitment? Why do I go into "denial mode" and tell myself that things will change soon... It's sad to have a broken heart when you've been "single" for about 3 years now...

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