Monday, June 6, 2011

The Road Not Taken... Was That The Best Choice?

Why is it so easy to get into a situation, but so hard to get out of one?

What does it take to get out of it? When is enough, enough?

Each question is applicable to finances, friendships, relationships, addictions, and personal struggles. Each issue is derived by the power of choice. Through free will we will continue to bury ourselves in a deep hole, and through free will we will continue to place burdens on our loved ones. Regardless of your religious beliefs, God or no God, life does work in a "puzzle like manner". In retrospect, each past event is a mere piece of life's puzzle, that connects with one another, to reach to the finished product of today.

Cliche' I know, but true.

The choices we make now will influence the choices we make later in life. As Robert Frost claimed in his poem, The Road not Taken, there is a powerful essence in free will. How can one simple choice play an ultimate role in who we are later in life?

Hell as if I know, but all I can emphasize to y'all is to really sit back, take a deep breath, and evaluate the life altering decisions that are placed upon our plates. Because as I stated earlier, once your deep in the game there is no "easy way out."

Growing up I made plenty of poor decisions. Believe me, you are preaching to the choir when it comes to this topic. I came close to: failing my junior year, attending Catholic Boarding School (it may be funny now, but it was my reality), attending an eating disorder clinic, and other clinics which are too personal to out right mention. I don't care for a pity party in the slightest bit when I throw my past out there, and I don't care for questioning. I only say these truths because from personal experience I truly believe the message of this blog.

Honestly today I make similar mistakes, but I only make them when I don't evaluate my situation and act off of raw emotion. Every time in retrospect I think to myself, "God, WHY did I do that again?! Did I not learn the first hundred times?!"  But why go so hard on myself? I just need to boost my focus.

Don't ever discount the importance of focus. Imagine a garden hose trying to water a lawn. If there are only a few holes, the hose can still function. However, if there are too many holes, eventually the pressure through the hose can no longer give water to the nozzle. Too many distractions cause the flow to lose its power.

This is true to humans too.

We, as humans, will lose focus on what is important and life and get side tracked. The only important things in life are(in no particular order): friends, family, and love.

Discover your "main thing" and stick with it.

What are you waiting for?

Keep Reading.

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